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Wesley Chapel Estate Planning Lawyer

Comprehensive Estate Planning Services for Individuals and Businesses in Wesley Chapel, FL

Myrna Serrano Setty is a committed estate planning attorney in Wesley Chapel, well-versed in smoothing out the complex twists and turns of estate planning and probate. She’s got a knack for tax planning and asset protection, offering sage advice, carving out tax-efficient strategies, and helping you prepare the vital documents you'll need. Suppose you’re thinking about the road ahead for your family or how to shield your business assets. In that case, Myrna Setty’s legal team has the knowledge and dedication to tailor solutions just for you.

In Wesley Chapel, FL, planning is critical to keeping your assets secure and ensuring your loved ones are taken care of. With a wealth of experience, Myrna Setty dishes out a host of services to fit your specific situation:

Wills & Trusts

No matter your age, having a solid estate plan is a must. Myrna Setty guides you through crafting wills and trusts that reflect your aims. She’ll make sure your will ticks all the boxes, laying out how your assets should be shared, who’ll steer the ship as your representative, and who’ll watch over your kids if need be. She’s meticulous about meeting Florida’s legal standards.

Trusts are your go-to for shrinking tax bills, warding off creditors, handling your beneficiaries’ finances, and bypassing the probate hassle. Myrna’s your ally in picking and setting up the trust that best shields your assets and benefits your family.


Call Now to Schedule Your Free 15 Minute Discovery Call | (813) 686-7175


Estate Planning Lawyer, Wesley Chapel, FL If a will or Florida’s rules divvy up someone’s assets, probate is the next stop—a public and court-supervised affair. Myrna’s there to lead the estate’s representative through the maze, ensuring debts and taxes are settled and assets go where they should. She’s also on hand to help tidy up asset titles for a smooth handover.

Elder Care

Estate planning isn't just for the hereafter; it’s also about ensuring you're comfy and your affairs are in order if you can’t manage them yourself. Myrna uses powers of attorney and health care surrogates as crucial tools to safeguard your interests should you face incapacity. They’re your voice, ensuring your financial and medical choices are respected.

Business Planning

For business owners, your enterprise is often your crown jewel. Myrna’s advice on business planning can save you a bundle in estate taxes. Tactics like a family-limited partnership can dial down your estate’s value. Plus, a clear-cut succession plan keeps family strife at bay and promises a seamless handover when you decide to step back or are no longer around. Need to draft buy-sell agreements? Myrna’s got you covered there, too.

Call Now to Schedule Your Free 15 Minute Discovery Call | (813) 686-7175

Tax Planning

Estate Planning Lawyer, Wesley Chapel, FL A solid estate plan always includes tax planning. Myrna’s a pro at navigating the maze of estate taxes, and she’ll help you leverage wills, trusts, and more to keep your tax tab low. With her at the helm, you’ll get a plan that’s both tax-wise and personalized.

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Ready to plan for your future with a pro by your side? Reach out to Myrna Serrano Setty and her team at The Law Firm Of Myrna Serrano Setty, P.A. They’re all about providing top-notch estate planning to folks and businesses in Wesley Chapel, FL. It’s crucial to get your ducks in a row for your assets and peace of mind—Myrna’s here to make that happen. There’s no better time to ensure your family’s well-being and safeguard your assets. Ring up Wesley Chapel’s go-to estate planning lawyer, Myrna Serrano Setty, for a no-charge first meeting. She’s the ally you want for a robust, forward-looking estate plan that’ll stand the test of time. A simple call could be all it takes to find peace of mind.

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