Buckle Your Estate Planning Seatbelt!

When you get in your vehicle, do you take a moment to buckle your seatbelt? Yes!

Do you wait until your car’s spinning out of control? No!

Do you skip the seatbelt because you don’t drive a fancy car or drive alone? No!

You know that unless you have super hero reflexes, you won’t have enough time to buckle up before impact. So you buckle up.

Like a seatbelt, a solid estate plan reduces the negative impact on you and your family. If you wait too long, it will be too late to put plans in place and you and your family will likely face confusion, financial hardship and family drama. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Start your peace of mind planning now, before that family emergency hits you.

To learn more about the how attorney Myrna Serrano Setty can prepare your family, visit the Services page. To schedule your free consultation, call (813) 514-2946, visit the online calendar or email her at info@www.tampaestateplan.com.

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